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Thu, 07 May by Kevin Grenier

It’s important to stay informed and have an understanding of the words you will encounter during thKevin Grenier Realtor Solde home buying process. I found an article that will give you some vernacular that you should be aware of.  As an Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR®), it’s my goal to make sure you know as much as you can during this process. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. It would be a pleasure to work with you!

10 Terms First-Time Homebuyers Should Know by Geoff Williams. Copyright © 2015. U.S. News & World Report LP. All Rights Reserved.

Seller couldn’t predict the future – Buyers rejoice

Sat, 10 May by Kevin Grenier

What, you can’t predict the future?

Many home owners move into their new home and begin to improve it to their liking with no thought of ever selling. As a result some of the upgrades especially when you get into the ultra high end can get lost on  a prospective buyer who doesn’t see the value and is just not willing to pay for it.

Of course, there comes a point when a home owner even with one eye on eventual resale value is willing to pay for the added enjoyment of said upgrade for the balance of time they will live in the home knowing they will realize only a fraction of the cost of the upgrade when they go to sell.

What a joy it is for a buyer to stumble upon such a home, especially when the upgrades align with their likes and lifestyle. In what sometimes feels like a morass of over priced, inadequately maintained and cheaply done cosmetic upgrades such a property stands out the minute you drive up to the place. You know what I’m talking about. Chances are you’ve been lucky enough or know of someone who was lucky enough to buy such a home. The, “I knew it was the one the minute I walked in” statement that makes you boil with envy if you are still in the trenches as a buyer looking for such a place and coming up empty.

A home can look better on a piece of paper or on the internet with correctly lit photos and a wide angle lens leaving you disappointed as you drive away feeling like you were somehow tricked into thinking it was going to be better than it turned out to be. Like the gorgeous flower arrangement that you bend down to smell only to find it was a brilliant display of artificial flower craftsmanship.

Conversely, the same often happens with the home described above but in reverse. You walk in and begin to see the attention to detail and extras that didn’t immediately pop into mind as you looked over the listing details. Add to that the fact that there is only so much room for details on a listing sheet so many of them never get mentioned at all.

Sometimes I’m fortunate enough to get an opportunity to sell one of these homes and the following is an example of one such home.

The owners bought this modern bungalow with a walk out basement and five bedrooms with no thought of moving shortly after renovations would be completed. But that is life, unpredictable at times.

The features that made them fall in love with the place to begin with included a large lot with plenty of room for a shop to the East of the triple garage and within a twenty minute drive from Edmonton’s West End. The wide open spaces, quiet and gorgeous vistas of acreage living coupled with the conveniences of a newer home aligned perfectly with their exodus from the busy city life. Although they have a young child now the convenience of being within walking distance with no major roads to cross, of the highly acclaimed Graminia Elementary School was an added bonus. Underlying all of this was a desire to raise their son in a safe community where he could flourish unfettered.  Other things about the home the

y soon found that validated their decision to buy included a concrete parking pad in front of the triple garage, concrete sidewalks leading to the front steps, a concrete patio accessed from the walk out basement’s patio door and city water trucked in from Devon which is about two and a half times cheaper than what they were paying for water in the city and almost five and a half times cheaper than friends of theirs pay North West of the city.

But back to the theme of this article. They soon began to make changes to the home and as I said, with no thought of selling in the near future. Whether you read the following list or not it will give you the idea that when this seller does something he goes all in. With the initial acquisition costs added to the additional upgrades the number is much higher than what they are currently asking for the place without even taking into account that the market as a whole has come up since they purchased. The equates to real value for you the buyer.




Kevin Grenier Realty Executives Poliaris


1.       Painting entire house 11 different colors (professionally done) 

2.       Electrical work                                                                                                  

    a.       Includes adding more plugs and switches in garage

     b.      2 ceiling fans

     c.       3 X 4’ T8 overhead lights

     d.      Black lights

     e.      Plugs for all the Neon signs (which neon signs won’t be staying)

     f.        Re-doing the entire basement to meet code (as the Reno’s were happening found out that whoever ran the electrical before, screwed into wires and had the entire basement only on 3 circuits, highly illegal)

     g.       Added a surge protector that is the high one that can be reset multiple times. Cause the cheap once it has been tripped it has to be completely changed out.


     h.      Re-did all the pot lights and added more. These are all enclosed lights as per code due to the insulating the ceiling.

     i.       Added sensor switches to mudroom, walk-in closet, pantry

     j.      Added over the tub light in guest bathroom main floor and in basement bathroom

     k.       Added in two night lights one in hallway and one in master bathroom

     l.         Pre-wire in garage under stairs for future expansion to shop. 220 wire. Either add in an electrical box in garage or enough length to take it to new location for shop.

3.       Reno’s included are the following:                                                          

     a.       Change out the direction of the walk-in closet

     b.      Added a door to the master bedroom bathroom

     c.       Added more storage to the basement

Kevin Grenier Realty Executives Polaris (18)

     d.      Converted the 5th bedroom in basement to the gym

     e.      Custom flooring for the gym

     f.        Added the French doors in basement

     g.       Added second direction to steps in the garage. (original direction was not the easiest to use)

     h.      Re-tiled the steps in the garage

      i.         Changed out the carpet leading down into the basement. Original did not match anything in the house. Re-used the carpet from the renovation in the gym area.

      j.        Added the boarder in the garage

     k.       Re-did the basement ceiling added in safe and sound with sound bar in entire basement. So new drywall, insulation, re-textured ceiling and painted ceiling       



4.       Paved Driveway                                                                                               

     a.       Driveway was widened &  is average 6” thick with 4” of gravel underneath

     b.      Plus had the driveway sealed after it was put in 

5.       Custom closet organizer in mudroom and in master bedroom     

6.       Planted 130 trees in yard( spruce and pine)                                         

7.       Complete wiring in house for matrix system                                        

     a.       Includes wiring for all TV locations

     b.      Includes ceiling speakers in basement (6 in total). Which includes custom boxes in ceiling and each box insulated.

     c.       Each TV area wired for internet and Cat 8 etc…

     d.      Wired basement for future projection screen

     e.      Complete sound system wiring in garage. 2 speakers have not been installed but wires are in walls in ceiling area to expand if needed. Never had the chance to add the speakers in, have the speakers.

8.       Added Heat in Garage and Central Air Conditioning                          

9.       Dog run

For more details on this home or to book an appointment to view it contact:


Kevin Grenier Realty Executives Polaris at or 780-893-0269.


Improving the buying and selling process

Sat, 16 Nov by Kevin Grenier

The technology for real estate professionals is constantly improving and as a result improving the overall experience from a client’s perspective.

With everything from paperless transactions allowing out of town clients to sign online changes to a contract without first having to print off and later scan in the document to be emailed back to improved communication avenues the buying and selling process just keeps improving to the benefit of not only the client but the industry professional as well.

When it comes to phones there are a number of platforms available and until now Blackberry wasn’t really an option for a lot of industry professionals. Even though many of us have fond memories of our legacy Blackberry devices with their rock solid contact management and security layers.

With a Blackberry 10 device either the Z10 with its  intuitive touch keyboard, the Q10 with the beloved physical keyboard or the Z30 with a 5″ touch display, and the latest operating system 10.2.1055 or higher installed (available in a leaked version from you can now do pretty much anything you need or want a “smart” phone to do.

Want to access lock boxes without having to carry another keyfob, dangle or anything but your phone? No problem install the eKEY software from Supra directly on your device.

How about the mortgage calculator from Calculated Industries which now even has a Canadian Qualifier Plus 4x app for $9.87. This you’ll need to purchase using the BlueStacks software which will download the APK file to your Windows computer.

Logmein Ignition is another great app which allows you to access your Windows or Mac computers at home or your office. This is not a free app however and includes the ability transfer files between your device and the remote computer and listen to videos you are playing on the remote computer. Get it here.

Fusion Experience allows industry professionals to access the MLS to get further information such as history, lot dimensions and more. REALTOR®s can get it here.  This one you can install on your device right out of the box. Note, in some cases you’ll need to turn off your wifi in order for the app to work.

There are a great many more apps for real estate professionals all available either through the official Blackberry World app store and with the new OS release directly from the Android markets.

The perceived “App Gap” is gone now and you should be able to move forward with that upgrade to Blackberry 10 and experience the many benefits of the new platform.

As an early adopter of technology I’ve seen the different operating systems improve with time but nothing compares to the improvements made by the Blackberry team in the last few months.

I hope this helps you bring a better experience to your clients with their selling or purchasing needs and keep in mind I’m still accepting referrals and would be happy to help with any transactions in the greater Edmonton area.


Kevin Grenier

Realty Executives Polaris


Wow! Fully upgraded bungalow in Laurier Heights “it aint just about the house”

Thu, 14 Nov by Kevin Grenier

Unlike most blogs about a new listing, I’m going to start by introducing you to Barrie the seller of this gorgeous home.

Barrie is the real deal when it comes to home refurbishing and I say that because he does things right. Now I’m not saying he is the only one of his kind but all too often, and you know what I’m talking about, the words “good enough” are used in conjunction with home renovations.

You’ve seen what passes for “renovated” or “upgraded” or even “new”. You walk into a house and begin running a tally on all the things that were “upgraded” but need to be redone properly. How about the examples of laminate floor that pass as professionally installed wherein all the seems line up or worse large gaps by the door jams are left. These visual cues set off your spidy senses and you begin to look for what else was botched. Missing hood fans over stoves, exposed wires, drywall seems, leaky bathroom surrounds and more.

This has started a trend in some buyers who actively seek out houses that have never been updated so they don’t have to buy someone else’s cover up or pay for so called upgrades that have to be re-done.

Then along comes someone like Barrie who restores faith in the individuals that still exist out there that do things right even when that means spending more than anticipated to repair an unforeseen issue and repair it correctly with a touch of “going the extra mile” for good measure.

I’ve had the privilege of working as Barrie’s Realtor® over his past three renovations. Starting with one in Parkview, then in Lynnwood and now on the current one located in Laurier Heights. I helped him both on the purchase end and on the selling end and consider myself a bit of an authority now on Barrie’s competence and integrity.

Barrie I know you’re going to hate this blog but I think you’re an inspiration to many as you create turn key homes in established neighbourhoods that go beyond the initial aesthetics but tend to the behind the scenes things that often get overlooked in a “lipstick and rouge” reno.

This current reno involved creating an open concept, a full ensuite, island kitchen, patio doors off the dining room onto a deck all of which were not present going in.

The list goes on but here is one example of over and above. Homes with the driveway along the side of the house with the garage in the back yard can be problematic not only from the stand point of driving a car between the house and the neighbour’s fence while maneuvering into the door that is usually offset not to mention parking a second car into that double garage. But over time the driveway can begin to slope towards the house and cause water to flow towards it which is not what you want. Don’t forget the now long driveway that has to be shoveled in order to get the car in and out of said garage. Sometimes these configurations are unavoidable like where there is not back alley.

This house however has a back alley so Barrie removed the entire driveway, installed a garage door on the alley side of the garage, had a driveway poured at the back of the garage to the alley and finished off the front of the garage to match the house nicely. Instead of building a deck over top of the old driveway it was removed and the ground properly graded. A fence and some landscaping finished it all off nicely and professionally, eliminating the future problem of having the old driveway under the deck left to slope towards the house. What a ton of work, who does that? Someone who wants to do it right.

I’d love for you to check out his work and come and see this house for yourself. If you don’t live in Edmonton book a flight…it is that good.

Here is the link to the listing with tons of pics:

Here are some teaser pics:

Kevin Grenier Edmonton Real Houses for Sale (6) Kevin Grenier Edmonton Real Houses for Sale (8)


Call me to book a viewing.

Kevin Grenier Realty Executives Polaris


13008 65 St

Sat, 27 Jul by Kevin Grenier

Here is a real estate opportunity worth sharing. This upgraded 4 bedroom bungalow has been lovingly upgraded and shows extremely well. Perfect for either the first time home buyer looking for a turn key home or the home owner looking for some additional revenue from the basement. Or how about a solid buy and hold property in a great area, friendly neighbours, close to schools, shopping and the LRT.

This lot is RF3 which means you could eventually build a duplex on it. One strategy would be to rent it out or put room mates in the upstairs or downstairs and live in the other half. Then after several years you depreciate the house, clear the lot, build a duplex and use apply the depreciation against any profit from the eventual sale.

Not following? No problem, suffice to say this is a property loaded with potential no matter what your particular needs are. Contact Kevin at 780-893-0269 in order to find out more about this property and to book your showing.

Click on the following link to view pictures, details and the video;

13008 65 St Feature Sheet

Buyer Feedback – 2 solutions to unrealistic buyer expectations – advice to seller

Tue, 18 Sep by Kevin Grenier

Comments like this “The clients didn’t like the room sizes” indicate that we are attracting buyers that are expecting larger rooms or whatever the comment is. Now isolated comments are one thing and don’t mean much but when you are consistently getting similar comments about things that cannot be changed like room sizes this is the case. Why are we attracting buyers with expectations that exceed the real property? Primarily price, usually buyers stick to a price range and as they are shopping around get a feel for what is out there at that given price range. For example no one expects a huge bonus room in a starter home price range but they do come to expect certain things based on what other similarly priced homes are offering. Now I realize that a price reduction is not always in the books so there is something else you can do and that is raise increace value either real or perceived.By real value I mean upgrades such as replacing that dated tile in the foyer or the sea foam green carpet in the livingroom. By perceived value I mean things like staging, decluttering, cleaning, minor repairs and painting. The bottom line is if you are getting negative feedback consistently you may want to review your expectations and come up with an action plan that will bring a solid offer to the table from a qualified and motivated buyer. For more real estate tips call me, I’m hear to help.Kevin Grenier (780) 893-0269Realty Executives Polaris REALTOR®, ABR® (Accredited Buyer’s REALTOR®), SRS® (Seller Representative Specialist)P.S. Download your free real estate app at This is not intended to solicit anyone who is currently contractually represented by another REALTOR® 

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